Service quotation

Dream journey

Dream journey

8560 "shot VS the overall planning"

-enjoy exclusive photography SAR services group

exclusive-high pixel digital camera the whole shoot

-customized photo album with unique personal style, concept of professional photography, allowing you to become a different kind of best actor

-provides planning photography style, tailored for each new exclusive works of your wedding

"the whole beauty and styling"

exclusive-group senior stylist, according to your dress and changed the style of makeup and styling

provide bride overall shape dress-6 sets, matching bride and groom clothing provided 6  sets, professional makeup instruction select fit creative                                                        

6-with exquisite photography makeup and styling fine jewelry                     6 times and needs;

-one gentleman groom makeup, and provides the second hair-styling

-exclusive shoot dress a day earlier primaries the same day

"shoot day service"

senior photographer full one to one photography-Group                                     

-senior makeup stylist services group (free brides wearing false eyelashes and everything)        

-dedicated customer service staff escort service                                             

provide magazines, as well as lunch-all day


[Classic enlargements and exclusive photo frame]

1.  30*50 inch-grant to enlarge photograph (art carved photo frame this iteration of the group the ground)

2.  get a piece of 30-inch enlargements (Korean side Crystal to the original ground)

(photo by DFM infrared Thermo-water-friendly materials)


take 120 Jane sample

get a piece of digital film computer discs, containing a list of 60 digital short film.

18 inch glass crystal albums a total of 10 Edition (the set of 25 into the book)

12 inch glass crystal album version a total 10 (end of list of 25 different)

enjoy the senior digital art full exclusive sole design (customer effect, signed copies made)

[baby gifts]

1. 10 in fine lace Crystal phase one

2.10 inch gold a Bailey

3.5*10 in elegant Crystal phase one

3.  star wedding invitation 16

"marriage service"

-free marriage passport (free for life)

Hall-wedding day wedding dress wedding dresses (free rental)

-the day of the wedding dress or an evening dress wedding dress Museum (free rental)

-pastel gifts on their wedding day the bride free Liangzhuang