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happy "Fire Festival" or the lively market, Yi men to bouquet of flowers from sweethearts on taking to find lovers play together. Yi man who bundles the flower belt, just shows that guys have a sweetheart. On each side of the Red River, after the girl and boy know and love, she quietly embroidered belt, there are flowers, butterflies, birds, and date time belt to girls. Guys get the belt, will give girls bracelets, said two people are in love.

Yi people believe that water could drive draconian except evil, giving away demons and bring happiness. Therefore, Yi newlyweds must be undone to withstand this test at the time of the wedding, the groom send an unmarried guy jieqin, both strong and smart, can both handle splashing cold bitter and complete "snatch" bride's difficult task, often repeatedly considered in the recommendation, on merit, some at long distances, selecting good.

Yi nationality's wedding is in some places by "Rob" manner. In the "bride" of the night, girls guys waged a fierce war. Girls pouring, pouring, filling, shooting fiercely attacked in various ways, such as boy, "bride" guys were overwhelmed. So, smart guy in the place before dark to find water, quietly discard part to mitigate the "flood" attack.

after a night of water, when the morning comes, "bride" will begin. At this time, the girls hold the bride, boys to "scramble", girls are strictly defensive, Guy must be clever and changeable, take a moment loophole, bride ran away, walking straight out one or two in the road was changed to. Obviously, the bride "robbed" to the family's home was not easy! But Yi think, this poured a shot of the wedding will ward off evil things and ensure that future living undisturbed.

in the Yi nationality's wedding ceremony, but also regular sports activities, to help the wedding atmosphere, while both sides are, needless to say, is definitely the groom and bride.

yaoan Yi people in Yunnan, the wedding climb Rod game. Every wedding day, the groom beforehand planted a tall and slippery ease up, peeled the bark, and several oil-paper on the rod. When the bride arrives, by her brothers or cousins sent a person up rod, representative of women successfully climbed up the rod, the men marry men for drinking a glass, as congratulations; if a woman representative does not climb, by husband's brother or cousin sent a man to climb, methods and manners and same as above.

Yi wedding in some places, also held a wrestling match. The day before, the man sent to the woman's procession, there must be a wrestling team. After them to a woman for a feast, the first ceremony is the wrestling match. Female wrestlers as the primary party to stand up and say "please", the groom will come out of a wrestler, the game begins. All agreed the number of games finished, and the winner of two people to perform. It is said that this event was formed in memory of a Hercules of the Yi people.