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&Nbsp;      wedding poses directly affects the final result of wedding, why do people model shoot photos is so photogenic, and we made a special blunt? The wedding how to pose? Xiao bian also visited many well-known photographers wedding photography studio in Beijing, come learn about camera.

wedding pose, angle

      1, the head slightly upward, and nose look smaller. His nose on a slightly higher position than the lens, can make the face look more beautiful, and to reduce the lower part of the eye shadow.

      2, natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips, curves will come out and face will sparkle.

      3, body leaning forward slightly, as a result, vision will be more icing on the face, the face area will be relatively narrow.

      4, cheek or 65 degrees at a 45-degree micro-side as much as possible, so face look smaller, outline more clearly.

      5, if you don't understand their most beautiful side, then let the man with the camera don't bother, a changed perspective, you want to take a picture from a different angle, one is good.

      6, if the relatives and friends are in the wedding photo, placed a little behind the others face as far as possible, although "framed" his partner and your face will appear smaller.