Service tips
&Nbsp;      wedding photography in the preparatory process for the wedding is the most anticipated and easily overrun link, accidentally fell into the trap of consumption, so carefully to grasp the wedding bride to be good at filming the entire process.

1, before signing

make wedding budget.

determine your favorite wedding photos shooting style.

through friends and networks about the overall situation of studios and Studio, selected according to personal preferences, visit the Advisory. One light, two services, three look at price.

according to the filming style, quality of service, with a total budget, select your satisfactory Photo Studio and Studio.

to the last selected photo studio or work space, according to the budget, compare packages.

detailed shenkan film contracts, avoiding consumption trap, for later consumption aware.

2, picture day

ensure the quality of sleep, don't stay up, let alone tension because of the photos.

do not drink water before going to bed to avoid photographs the next day eye edema.

washing your hair, get rid of armpit hair, trim nails.

read the note on contract, understand the photo process.

Photo day required inventory listed and checked.

3, picture day

eat a good breakfast and in good mood and confident attitude.

do the cleansing work, apply moisturizer to complete the bride skin care of the face.

groom beard NET, carrying black and white leather shoes.

invited to accompany a patient and reliable friends and relatives, taken with a camera recording tidbits.

early into the shop to try on dresses.

do not carry valuables, take the cash and items that you want, remaining at the bridal shop in the safe deposit box.

attitude towards staff polite, with photographers, makeup artists to establish good and effective communication.

4, selected photos

uniform selection principles, determines whether the selected photos.

time required to clear pick.

according to the number of selected, an overall preview, classify the photographs will be of the same shape.

at a tough angle selection, pay attention to facial expressions, movements, small details.

Please explain later.

your favorite layout and finishing late style conveyed to Digital Division.