Service tips
After     80 couple always personalized, naturally do not want to scoop gourd painting much like wedding photos and others, wanted to make a unique wedding that may have to do your homework and understood for what they are. What about couples how to communicate well with your wedding photographer? Here is a look at it!

    shooting day matters needing attention

new non-professional model, after all, most of the newcomers are not used to facing the camera, before the wedding, the couple can be slightly to do the exercises at home in order to help you relax, ready to face the camera, but don't exercise too much, but on the day the photo too deliberately put on face, resulting in shoot out effect is natural.

        must first communicate with the photographer before shooting

for day of wedding photos work properly, usually before shooting, be sure to have time to communicate with the photographer, if businesses did not put forward any new description should also take the initiative to communicate with the photographer's idea, because the purpose of the communication is to give photographers more understanding new ideas, finding of consensus.

collected a lot of information to do your homework

new people can do homework first before the wedding photography, think about what kind of feeling I want to shoot, to visit some of the bridal or fashion magazines, to find like the style, or a sample of her wedding dress.

because the individual feels is very subjective, as everyone is not the same sweet definition of style and imagination, it is recommended that newcomers to the "image" photographer reference provided, such communication is the most quickly and accurately.

       shot the day the couple should be relaxed as far as possible not to be too nervous, because photographers can make the atmosphere photographed guide new movements and expressions. In addition, shoot out results and overall shape related, so the couple can also collect favorite modeling photos communicate with the stylist, a proper dress and makeup styling, will make the overall effect more perfect with the style of the wedding.