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&Nbsp;    on more pop-petty wedding, perhaps, large wedding party nearing, wedding to be held at home. Mini romantic family weddings how to do?

a, site layout elements

weddings big and small, partitioning scheme is the same, generally divided into pre-function area, stage and the guest seats in three parts. Not many guests, and family-oriented mini wedding, decorate the focus should be on the stage and on the table, without wasting too much money and energy to build a pre-function area. Can choose to round the stage or runway instead of front-stage so that they can better communicate with guests. Want small wedding not to look lonely, compact, elegant, highlights outstanding wedding arrangement is to enhance the taste, increase the warm feel of the secret.

b, clever choice of color

because of limited scale, small wedding color choices and becomes even more important. In General, warm colors will make the space seem smaller. If you choose an indoor wedding, due to the restaurant area and height constraints, too much use of strong colors will cause Visual stress, the best choice for elegant colors such as blue, pink and green powder. If you choose an outdoor wedding, should also be in a natural color, with white wedding will give the feeling of freshness.

c, seating arrangement

small married banquet of seat arrangements does not necessarily to intended, because participate in of number less, just rough is divided into "President", and "woman took", and "man took" and "VIP seats" can, specific seat can let guests free selected, even appeared on sat not balanced of phenomenon, site for deployment also not difficult, and also can take some more unique of cloth table method, like round or "u type",, can let relatives between better of for Exchange.

d replace drinking, wine tasting

wedding, will inevitably push Cup to change, he tends to be most popular party, toast a link, but the small wedding for a number of reasons, inevitably somewhat quiet. Hard to make a warm scene rather than wait for aging in place large glass of wine, taste good wines meet every guest's taste buds. This will not only reflect the couple's unique qualities, and also offers interactive topics, when we discuss wine, will become a harmonious and elegant atmosphere.

e, mini wedding privacy

a lot of people in line with the characteristics of the low profile or to ensure privacy and choose the mini wedding wedding. After all, only family and a few close friends is the most pleasant and comfortable. In order to ensure that the wedding's privacy, not disturbed by outsiders, you can select a resort outside the city or the hotel's wedding. Should arrange for relatives living in town car shuttle. New rooms at the wedding in advance, avoiding late May.


1, family Party

General wedding AfterParty will be held in a hotel, mini wedding because of the unlimited number constraint can schedule the party at the couple's new House, you can let guests and newcomers chatting and fun drink. Dance at home there are many advantages, such as, you can save a lot of costs, drunken guests don't have to worry about is not safe. The only fly in the ointment after the party's over, left the couple's cleaning work can be very difficult.

2, the easy part time

Mini wedding, due to the time, when toasting, the couple can even sit down to small talk, especially when they propose a toast to our elders, learn some experience of married life with an open mind will benefit. Also on each toasted after the play "a reporter to ask" game sessions, was free to ask questions by following friends and family can make scenes suddenly perked up. To note is that while plenty of time, but not unlimited, budget her time carefully to avoid mistakes.

3, more games

since mini wedding scene is familiar with family and friends, new people will also feel more comfortable, playing games, and won't feel shy and inhibited. Advance design something more cozy games options at the wedding, according to the number of time decision game, try to fill blank all the time, don't make people feel wedding feel dull and thin.

4, live performances

without the noisy large wedding, and guests can sit down and quietly enjoy a once again Jazz. Invitation to a high-quality Jazz or Blues Band, for their love to a piece of elegant Memorial, every live performance repertoire, even after several years again, lovers will certainly immediately recalls her wedding day sweet.

5, performances

same reason as the band, small wedding, and the atmosphere to enjoy some entertainment shows. May be invited according to the newcomer like magicians, dancers, acrobats to perform some new shows, make your wedding more fun.


1, omitting steps

If the wedding venue is relatively small, can save men such as layout, while transferring all the wedding ceremony on the stage, focus and financial resources in the Visual focal point of the stage, well-built, make the wedding appears clear priorities, not because of the narrow space of the venue is depressing. If the door is too monotonous, a few balloons can also be used for dress up, equally beautiful, but save time and trouble.

2, make a program

the entire wedding not too long, so there is no need to maintain the original jieqin program, or you may give the feeling of a top-heavy. Meanwhile, fewer friends, not enough young people to create a lively atmosphere, this link has lost its original meaning. If the elder insisted on keeping this link, also available at the wedding venue-room, saving both time and also more convenient

3, wedding car fleet

this has been controversial, has been dubbed the "wealth" in the name of the link, appeared in the low-key mini wedding, nature is not suitable for, omitting the team, family or business car comfortable and convenient car instead, as shuttle variable enough for friends or relatives. See also Korean-style, after the wedding is over, let and relatives watched the couple drive their own car, but also a unique link, you can also make the bride happy along the way to show off.

4, registration procedures

attendance program's role is to calculate the number of participants and to receive gifts, but mini wedding, most of the guests knew each other, staff is absent or not better knowledge. The other hand, loved ones gifts, gifts, often directly into the hands of new people or new parents, so attendance is not, can be omitted. Reception table omitted cases, groomsmen bridesmaids must take responsibility, collected money, be careful not to lose.

5, professional host

as friends and relatives considered an eloquent wedding Chair, is more conducive to a harmonious atmosphere. If the guests are acquaintances, a stranger appeared under the auspices of will inevitably make the scene look awkward. If you want your wedding simple and Grand, can also have family elders of prestige guest host, give people a kind a solemn feeling. If the couple his eloquence good, do not need to host, in the form of chat and communicate with guests below is good.