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Don't worry about what kind of wedding ceremony of their choice, look at you and him (her) sign, maybe following tips will give you some very important help, presented with a variety of wedding, approaching cross-aisle if you look confused? A lot of couples that want to not, is "we never been married" confusion. So what type of wedding is best for you? "I always ahead of the net" is your wedding guests with guide, for you to select the most suitable for your perfect wedding.

Chinese wedding

for zodiac sign: Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

fengguanxiapei, mangpaoyudai, set off by the bright red dress, what kind of blushing bride and groom it is gorgeous, out-of-reach. Festive sedan, suona, accompanied by gongs and drums, that's really "Street" and enjoy clocking, as well as the envy of passers-by. Back the bride, Brazier, the bride, glasses of wine, one first, Xie medium ... ... A traditional wedding customs, means not only better, but also will make guests smile on the faces of onlookers bloom. This beaming, Grand fun, do not experience one, definitely make you regret!

hotels in wedding

for Zodiac: Taurus, cancer, Capricorn, Leo

you don't think white can be too plain and too gaudy, bright red wedding dress, wedding customs can get rid of a lot of trouble, can not I do not know how to behave and tense, ... ... As long as you like the colors and styles, you're the most beautiful dress; just keep smiling standing in front of the hotel, is the best etiquette coupled with an MC, is the best performance. If both simple and spectacular, simply bridal convoy stretched, luxury, not a few more bigger wedding table. This is pragmatic, not too much trouble, but don't want to lose the people fitting.

church wedding

for zodiac sign: Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

white wedding, and flowers, and Yan tail clothing, and black tie, and spent child......, dang Wedding March from piano in the pouring and out, bride in father carrying led Xia slowly to St lingqian, will hand delivered to groom Shi; Dang groom bride in priest before read vows, sincere to said "I willing to" Shi; Dang groom opened bride of veil, Kiss bride Shi......, all has on solemn, and sacred, and romantic of feel will a unit brain drilling you of heart, both meet you on traditional of respect, on details of fine pursuit, And full of personality and romantic performance will let you will never forget!

outdoor wedding

for zodiac sign: Sagittarius, PISCES, Gemini, Aries

open, free, romantic, elegant ... ... and your wedding needs isn't a point two points, to meet all your needs, but is really a headache, but this world is a man named "outdoor" wedding. Green grass, quiet gardens, fresh pond, coconut breezes of the beach, is a good place for wedding. Gauze curtain elegant stage, pink balloons or flowers, arches, self-service table overflowing with food, laughs constantly game......, although some trouble to plan, but did not enjoy a happy yourself?

candle wedding

for constellation: PISCES, Scorpio, cancer, Libra

to maximize to romantic, so how can they give up a candlelight wedding? Candlelight wedding by definition without candles when the lights dimmed, groom the groom in the Wedding Hall opened slowly outside the gate, accompanied by the sweet melodies, blurred smoke flare and waves of applause sections came, took the flower children of the lighter, a table of candles lit, finally lit the main candle holders. Set off by the candles, smoke, bubble, that is how the fairytale world, everyone's face is so soft and beautiful. You make the whole wedding will definitely tears of happiness!

alternative wedding

for constellation: Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius

wedding have to be luxurious, white wedding, guests come and go? Definitely do not need! For excitement the novelty of people, wedding locations can be bungee jumping, roller coaster, underwater, in the air, the wedding guests could be shark-dolphin, giraffe, and newcomers can be naked, or dressed as a primitive, cartoon people, even zombie, Devil......, how to play how to play. Maybe a lot of people to accept, but as long as you like, and why not? Just because no one dared to challenge, such a wedding worthy of your temperament!

a mass wedding ceremony

for zodiac sign: Taurus and Capricorn, Gemini

there is nothing more sensation than mass wedding spectacular, saving more energy-efficient, more fashion trends, can be more memorable? Don't think it can't show personality, less romantic, when so many of you got married, you and so many people together in the same place at the same time married, unhappy you moved? Collective wedding banquet and eat that hot air; collective activity, got to the point that the laughter. Infection of your happiness with others, others sweet infected you. Here we go! Mass weddings you absolutely not regret it!