Service tips
&Nbsp;     eight away from wedding photography poses, know the discomfort out wedding photos of eight positions. New look Oh! Hope that can help you, Oh!

      1, face will make your face look smaller, but if the face angle through the big easy to give the feeling of pride, should light up cheeks.

   2, avoid using indecent gesture, such as raised his legs, his hands on his hips pose should not be used.

       3, don't gel soles  , sole exposed directly in front of the camera in fact lost appearance, under the soles should be hidden in the tail. If you're wearing a skirt is sure to put on high heels.

   4, and stood, straight side of these gestures will all make you look too stiff, the photos should reflect a woman's curves. Between the head and the body, arms and legs best form a certain curve, vividly make a woman's curves.

   5, don't still acted like a hunched back, the couple must straighten, show your vigor and confidence.

   6, hand gestures are also important, not stiff and avoid deformation, fracture, incomplete feeling. When such as hands rested on her hips or in pockets, fingers show sector, so as not to give the impression of truncated.

    7, avoid sitting too close, took the picture if the entire body into the Chair  , will make the legs thicker. To leg lines long should be allowed to move forward, close to the Chair and sat on, and keep the chest abdomen.

pictured along    8, the bride and groom, both love looked at should be showing affection, be sure not to look stagnant.