Service tips
&Nbsp;   any color wedding dress or gown but let the couple Kinky things, different colors, will encounter some taboo, explain this to everyone, I hope everyone can choose the right wedding, wear their temperament.


      yellow: representatives of East noble, elegant, Western Christianity in yellow as a symbol of shame.


&Nbsp;      Green: on behalf of the security and calm, comfortable feeling, four seasons place, such as seeing spring trees, green leaves, makes new sense.


       Red: passion, excitement, stimulation, easy to inspire courage, Western as war closed symbol (in ancient Rome) sacrifice of Italy, East represents good luck, upbeat, festive meaning.


       Blue: calm, secluded, Europe as the national symbol of faithful.


       black: ruthless, mysterious sense of solemn, sunk, and and other color matched that with a sense of focus and emphasis.


       Bai: relentless, table pure feeling, and ease, pleasure, feeling of thick white will grow.


        Pink: delicate, youthful, lively.


        Purple: people like lavender, a sense of romance. Cyanosis in general people don't like and difficult to produce beauty.