Service tips
1, sedan wedding: first is channeling drums, suona, matchmaker, lion dance with, sedan chair began to leave. According to an old tradition, the bride should be brothers back on the Chair. But it is now mostly only children, only by a cousin or the best man to do,  will usually change back to hold. Sedan journey is currently only for form ' s sake, generally dominated by cars. Unless the two very close to or from Shanghai head to the head, when too little time. But give the bearer a red envelope, otherwise they would intentionally af   sedan, let the bride "feel better".

2, the bride: a sedan that the groom had to bow toward the car door to shoot 3 red arrows used to exorcise evil bride may be contaminated during previous brides are sedan Brazier, is now busy is by a matchmaker to help under the Brazier, rice bags, Brazier after some will cross saddle, after indications the couple were married in peace.

3, the bride's wedding: the bride and groom to heaven, and then beams to pick open the bridegroom with the bride's head red hijab. The Chapel is not the most important part after jiaobeijiu (hejin), but Gao serves on both sides, usually when it is made a group of people in tears, scenes of touching, penetration in a warm and festive atmosphere with a strong   relationship.

4, his first ritual: first, is a newcomer in the bridal chamber cut hair, saved as token of conjugal relations, and modern wedding ceremonies, many of which are ready to move out of the show. New Exchange fragrant jewels keepsake, mothers on both sides after the Dragon and Phoenix candles.

     has just completed a complete Chinese wedding