Wedding glove hand between the stunning

fashion circles saying well, the bride is a group of armed from head to toe beauty, tailored dress or veil the size of more than 10 meters long, or just hair clips, plus designer wedding shoes-that enough yet? Of course not. If you want to catch up with the latest fashion trend, you must have a pair of beautiful pop enough dress gloves.

(short version of the bow silk gloves)

derived from the Victorian era, a symbol of noble and pure dress gloves, a moral and material, will add more luster to bridal gowns, dress more plentiful. Traditional silk gloves, improved designs, cross dressing is very suitable for summer use the short version of the glove, with exquisite silk bows, especially suitable for elegant and beautiful young bride to wear.

(fishing nets cut gloves)

If you prefer free flavor of rustic wedding, then while holding a garden bouquet, boldly used a pair of fishing nets cut short gloves, simple and concise style and maximum attention-grabbing, on top of the Grand wedding, handsome exception fresh and playful, very good interpretation of the theme of retro chic.

(retro knit fingerless gloves)

look beyond the new season autumn/winter fashion trend, knitting is expected to ride the wave of retro resurgence, a pair of inspired rocker mitts, but made of pure wool, in the form of a pattern woven dress glove styling is still thin, pretty, warm and not clumsy rather better to show characteristics of feminine charm.

(Hepburn's black silk gloves)

bid farewell to the all white wedding dress, we look at the tie-red dinner dress gloves, retro wave blew so hard, and there are no signs of stopping. Match dazzling red dress, just pick up a pair of classic Audrey Hepburn's black silk gloves, smooth-fitting design, will show the maximum long, soft arms, mysterious black very well with sparkling pure jewelry, outstanding personality and charm.

(embroidery lace gloves)

see Western-style suit, was welcomed by the bride and wind, Han Feng, or folk style wedding dress, at the time of matching gloves, also has a lot of choices. Hollow out or embroidery of delicate flowers and floral designs gloves, with strong ethnic style, reserved and quiet charm, and impossible to compare with the delicate and full of touching meaning, very good.

(Peacock Silk gloves)

fashion has a unique taste of the bride, no need to be limited to form a small breakthrough, exaggeration and ornate patterns and valuable material, capable of collision is absolutely not the same style. Gorgeous peacock feathers on silk lively as students, with the free and easy, will inevitably become the focus of the audience.