The wedding how to choose their own style

after the couple for their wedding photos when more and more personalized, not stick with the traditional wedding photos shooting modes, like to shoot something different wedding, how to find your own style of wedding photos


wedding style, but can be broadly divided into int, ext, fashion, romantic, vintage, character, theme, Korean, European, Chinese, and so on, how to understand these kinds of style?


style 1: int

int called Studio shoot. Interior of room number is opaque, using Flash and the set shot. During the filming, in addition to Flash other clutter light does not affect.


style 2: location

     popular location in recent years wedding photographers start out of the Studio into nature. Natural style, on-location wedding and views perfect together, more natural personality, more flexible view options, currently on-location wedding style seems to be the wind, a new blitz.


style 3: topics

     style similar to the movie shoot. Has a strong sentimental value, has the story. Wedding photos link up, tell a beautiful story. A wedding with a storyline, is the need for new and active communication of the camera, and asked the couple actively participate. A story, one of our nature photos, new love story to emerge, there is bitter sweet.


style 4: Korean

     Korea style, minimalist aesthetic, pay attention to clean background, pictures, warmth, bulging brides sweet and docile. Colorful colors, pink and blue combination, so add a romantic wedding story. Recently, sought after by many young people. Wedding bride beautiful and elegant, beautiful Korean traditional clothes, large elegant Korean set of plans, weird Korean costume style   ... With a bushy Korea Korean style wedding photos. Korean style wedding style.


style 5: stylish

     times brides want their wedding photos are nature, breath, pursuing different styles, you can choose this style, don't get bogged down with the traditional, dress color contrasts, shot ahead of backlot, the composition is unique.


style 6: retro

     flavor and texture. Chinese and foreign classic or retro style. Wedding photo has the feel of an old film. Allowing you to turn, become the protagonist of Qiong Yao's novels show Oh, interpretation of the romantic love story.


style 7: romance

     a style full of tenderness. Brides and grooms can interact more lenses, like kissing, cuddling and holding hands, this style can create a warm, sweet air.   Romantic elements and details emerge everywhere. And later disposal of lace, romance come face to face.