Smart bride, how to choose the style of wedding photography

brides go Studio don't know select which style of wedding photos

sisters and don't know how to find own style for shooting wedding photos?

girl below summarizes the 12 common wedding shooting style, give brides some reference value.

girl recommends:

smart brides choose wedding shooting style, the most important thing is to know your own personality, temperament, and business is good at style, filter, finally decided to businesses.

  first wedding photography style: fashion    

       meets fashion chic style, brides want their wedding photos, full of times, you can choose this style, such as the popular "Olympic wedding" and "China Red".

"China Red" expressing the joy of heart, gorgeous and reflects the new atmosphere can also express a warm and festive atmosphere, like bride may want to try this style elements with Chinese characteristics.    

second wedding photography style: romantic

      depend on each other, lang, concubine, sentimental style. Brides and grooms can interact more lenses, like kissing, hugging and holding hands, this style can create a warm and loving atmosphere.

  the third style of wedding photography: stories

       story, similar to the movie close-up style. Strong Memorial, photo link up, speaking out was a beautiful story.

       This is now after the bride needs wedding photos, a plot, a story one of our wedding photos, showing this couples love story, there is bitter sweet.

fourth wedding photography style: retro

classical Chinese or foreign or retro style. Wedding photos have a feeling of old movies, great flavor and texture.

lavish crystal chandeliers, mystery Castle, mystery stories, love played here it speaks to charm, keep lovers the immortality of love.

fifth wedding photography style: natural   

       lovers dressed in civilian clothes, very natural, real and free and easy. The bride and groom can wear a couple serving as love photo.  

       and same "smiley face" than expressive of such casual wedding couple on a lot. Charming beauty, anger, sweet ... Full and replete. Also add a lot of it inside in the photo content, play, play, marry him, snuggling, remembering almost made two records.    

sixth wedding photography styles: simple   

       simple colors, close-up, subject-focused style. The bride and groom's demeanor and actions are very prominent, would give the appearance and temperament of  

   seventh wedding photography style: Korean   

       Korea's style, including traditional and modern clothing style-Korean fine, highlight the bride's sweet and gentle.   

       the beauty of traditional Korean costumes, elaborate Korean background design, unique style of Korean makeup ... ... With a strong Korea Korean style wedding, sought after by a lot of young people these days. The aesthetic elegance of the bride in the works, is a typical Korean style wedding style.   

eighth wedding photography style: avant-  

       alternative, avant-garde, experimental style. Bride novelty requiring different words, you can give it a try.    

Nineth wedding photography style: European  

       European style, including style, French style and the English style of Milan. The bride and groom wearing clothing with European characteristics, experience an exotic feel.

  tenth wedding photography style: fresh

       blue sky, green grass, fresh, crisp style. Bride in the grasslands, the garden can feel this style, may introduce some elements of nature.

  11th wedding photography style: atmospheric   

       massive use of white space, broad conception of style. If the bride wants to highlight the background of a sense of space, such as grasslands, mountains ... ...  

12th wedding photography style: exotic

       contains a foreign country style, such as the Manchu style, India style. Bride and groom dressed in distinctive clothing reflects the exotic features.