Simple tips to a stylish wedding

most couples believe wedding ceremony just follow the tradition, not to spend too much energy in the ceremony. In fact, as long as more thoughts, your ceremony can also be different.

personality elements in the ceremony:  

every bride wants her wedding to personalized, then add a little personality to your ceremony is also elements!  

1. share your love stories: witnesses at the ceremony to talk about the most memorable love story, to share our romantic. ——Andrea 

2. blowing bubbles: when the ceremony was over, when we retire, children and friends blowing colorful bubbles as we wish. ——Kate 

3. special music: wedding special for us to write songs and play at the ceremony. ——Jessica 

4. Select special places: we met for the first time in the Park, there is also the place where he proposed to you, we held a wedding ceremony. ——Michelle 

5. different styles of dresses: bridesmaid to choose different styles of dresses they so they are perfect at our wedding ceremony. ——Mary 

6. special cocktails: according to the color tone of the wedding, modulation and a special cocktail for our guests, guests were very impressed. ——Alyson 

7. light a candle: before the ceremony, family separation on either side of the candle lit by the two parties, took the oath later, husband and wife together light the unity candle, symbol of our lives into one.  

Tips: but there are some traditional ceremony, you need to know, such as how to choose the most suitable for your wedding ceremony? New admission order look like? Ceremony first took the oath or the burqas? All the problems are resolved in advance.  

ceremony site  

should choose wedding, choose your ceremony site. Whether you choose a big traditional church wedding, or choose a fresh Lawn wedding held in the garden, will be your and fiance on the most appropriate expression of your love.  

wedding ceremony location choice will affect the styles and types of wedding ceremonies, because your entire layout and the surrounding environment is appropriate.  

If you have been dreaming of for a long in a small country church wedding, then you should choose a warm candle light wedding, the ceremony will be very simple, arrangement of flowers and natural simplicity. With the fragrance of flowers and warm candlelight increases for the wedding fairy tale romance.  

If you like the sea, you can be at the beach wedding, let the Ocean as you witness. Pick a place where you can see the sea, or in the soft sand. On a summer weekend, you and him together with shell paved road, making your vows.  

If you choose hotels for weddings, usually hotel staff will introduce you to some of the organizers of the ceremony venue, if you don't like someone, you can take a closer look, may find a more suitable place for you.  

Wed no matter where you choose, every wedding ceremony site have a Center. Wedding Center, of course, is the altar of the Church. Select ceremony held elsewhere, if this place has a small Pavilion, then if the Pavilion is decorated to become the center of ceremonies, can also be used with greenery and flower arches, tents and parasols, you can also select shrubs, potted plants and so on, as long as the creative look, without any special restrictions.  

brides tips: for any kind of ceremony, the most important thing is to create an intimate atmosphere. If you choose to have 300 seats, compared with 125 in your guests, you should encourage the guests to sit to the front. Best arrangement receptionist, they can direct the guest to the position.  

  seating arrangements;

was a small wedding with only family and close friends to just seat elders set aside for you in advance. For a large wedding, you need to be prepared to place card to reduce guests looking for seat time.  

traditionally, the bride's family sat to the left of his house, sitting on the right side. Closer, the sitting position, elder brothers and sisters sat in the first row on the left, if the parents are divorced, want to sit separately, depends on one side of the relationship with their parents is good, if relatively good relationship with father, let my father and his wife sat in the front row, her mother sat in the second row.  

for a large wedding, place card will be able to solve all the problems. On each place card, write the guest's name and put it on the seat back or seat. Place card design must be attractive, you can hand-write the guest's name to show your respect for the guests.  

brides tips: in order to facilitate, in the sign in front of a seating chart, guests can easily find seats for guests in need of help, the receptionist will also take them to the seat.  

     sound system  

microphone will make the bride and groom feel uncomfortable, but it is very important. Because of it, the presence of guests can hear your wedding vows.  

unless very small wedding, otherwise, be sure to use the microphone. In particular a very beautifully decorated outdoor wedding,  

If the wind is just guest seating in the same direction, and no one can hear the preacher has led you to read out the oath.  

microphone if you think vertical will affect the appearance of photos, you can choose a lavalier microphone. Groom and priest with a lavalier microphone, sure no problem, but this is a challenge for the bride's dress. If you really can't hide, will have to stand before a microphone in the bride!  

brides tips: before the wedding, be sure to make audio, ensure that all devices are working correctly in ceremonies, sound can be heard all, and is not too harsh.  

ceremony for guests ' drinks before  

near the location, set in a bar. When the guests arrived at the ceremony location, when waiters can offer guests non-alcoholic soft drinks, it can be decorated with fresh mint and lemon, making them more noticeable.  

brides tips: If the ceremony in very short time, you can prepare some alcoholic drinks to guests, or, in a ceremony some among drunken make a joke, is not so good.  

ceremony rehearsal  

wedding ceremony unless you only 5 minutes, you'll have to arrange a preview, remember that all people must attend the red carpet preview.  

rehearsal is usually on the wedding day or the night before, followed after the ceremony rehearsal is a rehearsal dinner.  

previews the largest number of participants, including the groom, the bride, the best man, bridesmaid, groom's father, a pastor, flower girl and ring boy.  

clear ritual and channel location. When everyone arrived at the ceremony location, first of all to tell them the altar or ceremony location, red carpet should be with a Ribbon or other colored objects identified to allow participants in the previews can be clearly seen.  

clear admission of all order and position. Usually the groom stood waiting at the ceremony stage, then the best man and Maid of honor appearances, best man standing right in front of the groom, bridesmaids standing in the front left. When the groomsmen bridesmaids ceremony stage when lust, children playing, when the ring when children walked to the middle of the channel, flower girls throwing flower petals onto the carpet, and then in the company of father of the bride down the aisle. Then, in the company of father of the bride down the aisle. Pay attention to the speed walking slower than usual.  

number of rehearsals. According to the complexity of the ceremony, you can preview 2-3 again even more until everyone can play their roles very well, especially for older children little flower girls and ring.  

rehearsal ended, to finally tell it again everyone reached the exact time and place of the wedding.  

brides tips: wedding rehearsal, recommends that the photographer and the cameraman is better to participate. Photographers can choose in advance on the one hand filming location. Also provides pictures of locations on the other hand, otherwise the order will affect the ceremony takes a photo of the photographer