Shanghai modern love marriage proposal live coverage

United Kingdom Prince William engagement news has just broke, the Prince's proposal immediately attracted attention and sought after; and, if you are the one 2 ' has not been released, actor marriage proposal scene has become the first film promotion gimmick, was first reported by major media ... ...

modern love, has already said goodbye to the traditional professions of love, is the pursuit of individuality, more innovative ways of love. Has a sincere, romantic wedding is required, however, will not only improve the couple's happiness, achievement of a perfect love, adds more hundred per cent success rate of love, make their own sweet love is no longer a dream. Courtship of creative tricks one after another, are being more and more sought after fashion men and women. As by marriage fashion TSL |  TSE sui Luen jewellery brand launched a one-stop service "proposed courtesy", since in Shanghai recently TSL store passion starts, is to attract attention and gathered more and more couples and popularity, caused a different kind of marriage boom.

the TSL |  of TSE sui Luen features "proposed courtesy" service are couples married in TSL store specifies ornaments, not only can become a VIP Member, but also enjoy the TSL comfort for couples presented "proposed courtesy" service. Flowers, cake, candle light dinner, champagne ... ... Seeking a full of surprises and romance wedding, everything is TSL |  TSE sui Luen sincere for you. Impress your significant other, Dolce Vita design a better start for the future.

known as the "Wedding expert" TSL |  TSE sui Luen jewellery brand, dedicated to bringing international wedding fashion. Trying to create a different set of wedding jewelry, more attentive consideration of new wedding needs, and create a new one-stop wedding services. "Proposed courtesy" set off now proposed boom of while, TSL each between branch also standing has after professional training of marriage Ambassador, and in national specified shop equipped with has a Department iPad, can rates and guest share TSL exclusive rendering of wedding E-Magazine, for new provides jewelry jewelry yiwai of marriage information, and latest marriage trend, Western and China traditional wedding culture, diversified information, with most powerful most has value of action for guest brings new and interactive of jewelry shopping experience.

each day we are running in his city life, and too many people pass by, but there is always one person you are destined to meet, and have the fate stay with him forever.

TSL "proposed courtesy" actor Liu is an engineer, he and Hu first met on a crowded bus, "Hello, I'm in a hurry want to borrow your phone right? ”。 In her face and sweet smile, cell phones into the hands of Mr LAU ... ...

an accidental start, but irrepressible Liu's pursuit of love, as well as his mind wiped away the sweet smile of innocence. Fall in love after one year, Liu went into the TSL |  TSE sui Luen, love bought for him a symbol of eternal love ring, Mr LAU on one knee in front of her, put a ring on her hand ... ...

and this beautiful and touching moments,TSL |  TSE sui Luen "proposed courtesy" willing to work with you together to witness.