Red is not tacky! modern Chinese

modern Chinese wedding details, romantic interpretation. ...

Western are the essence of the new Chinese wedding, but simple modern lines meet elegant Oriental decorative when fresh and elegant color combination of Festival folklore patterns, Chinese wedding will exhibit a new modern State of mind.

part1 red romantic charming bride

"China Red" Romance is beyond the reach of other colors in the Dragon. The Fiery passion of the bride dressed in body, combined with soft fabrics such as silk and chiffon, the women's gentle, dignified and demonstrated.
Part1 the Dragon folk wedding to any of good foundation

new Chinese wedding in red and gold as the main color, weed out the elaborate decoration, combining with satin, silk, cotton, linen and other different decorations. Tassels, Chinese knots, joined Chinese buttons and other Chinese-style elements, fewer but better preserved folk flavor. Chinese and Western, and unconventional.

part1 Chinese and Western poetry welcome

wedding color scheme to the venue decoration, porcelain, pottery, grilles, works in all aspects of the new Chinese wedding classical props can mix. Flowers, tassels and other Chinese-style patterns can also be added to the details of the wedding ... ... Reference of Chinese culture has a long history as a Chinese wedding process a new path.