Gianna June wedding! Korean wedding wind hits

sassy "to get married! According to Taiwan media reports, Korea actress Gianna June owned brokerage company announced J&Co, Cui Junhe June Ji-Hyun and her boyfriend get married on June 2, after her marriage, she continued her acting career, won't quit the entertainment industry. Gianna June wedding will lift the Korean wedding dress style, we will eventually see in the romantic drama a gentle, dignified and Korea on the bride at the wedding, they are not beautiful stunning, but you can't help but pay attention to the gentle temperament! In recent years, Korean style wedding photos, wedding dress styles are very popular, look at these Korea Stars perform wedding, did you want a what?

zhixianhong carpet

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"Cui Junhe is the luckiest man in the world! ”

Cui Junhe and Gianna June was born in 1981, the two were childhood sweethearts. However, although two people for a long time, but only about 1 year ago "on the premise that marriage" a formal association. Cui Junhe was a financial talent, currently serving on a US Bank, and Korea grandson of famous Korean dress designer younghee Lee. Cui Junhe 180 centimeters tall, well-built and handsome, big noses, pointed jaw, comely in appearance as much as the artist.

Korean wedding wind hits

white wedding wavy folds of wrinkles the way seems to be especially Holy innocence, pet skirts and flower bride affinity refreshing like a girl.

hancaiying wedding

deep-v design neckline dress, body bags are hancaiying beautiful body curve to show the head, wide shoulder strap designed to cover up the defects of the bride's shoulder, no complicated decoration, the overall feeling is simple.

some smart and elegant, with sweet style, that smile is a want pampering beauty.