Generation buffet reception! Creative advantage

Generation newcomer has become the main force in the field of marriage, the pursuit of personalized, stylish wedding style, traditional wedding meat obviously is no longer cold, self-creative wedding planning by everyone welcome, however not all newcomers are suitable for self-wedding style, to learn self-wedding style with many advantages!

generation buffet reception

1,      wedding venue:

self-wedding venue choices to more widely, not only limited to the Ballroom, the most typical lawn, terrace, yacht that's romantic outdoor venue than regular round table Chinese food, might not be so comfortable romantic! In such a venue for buffet-style wedding reception, not only can enjoy the sunshine and beauty, are free to talk, not only is rather unique, random and more dense. -Buffet-style wedding reception-seated and himself, now more people tend to free himself of, entertain guests, to choose their own favorite foods.

2,      wedding on dish

guests can enjoy their favorite food. More modern buffet cuisine in the style selection, in addition to your regular hot meals outside the cold can also join desserts, salads, Japanese sushi, more selective and better meet the needs of more guests. If more young people in the guests, buffet cuisine is definitely very popular!

3,      wedding atmosphere

buffet-style wedding reception was about the feel, good venue, cuisine, feel relaxed and happy as a whole, night buffet-style wedding reception it is easy to create a party feeling that if the singer to entertain, it is enjoying a relaxed romance!

although self-wedding has many advantages and features, more suitable for younger generation couples, but to do a perfect buffet-style wedding reception, to consider things to be very thoughtful, thorough as to consider like traditional wedding.

then they tell you, how to make your buffet wedding became more fashionable-perfect

1, at least to find a wedding reception or a coordinator

new buffet-style wedding reception, must be taken into account among the wedding guests are familiar, are young people like free, but if you let them wedding guests, without the constraints and norms of a good monitor, then it is likely that will lead directly to your reception gets very messy, there will even be more accidents, even beyond the control of the situation. The wedding coordinator can be your relatives or friends, good reception, organization and coordination of the wedding scene

2, reasonable food and to ensure keeping the food hygiene

choice on a hot dish usually choose to 7-8, not too much, main can also increase other buffet dishes. West point is the biggest advantage of self, can enjoy Western-style desserts. Self-service can also have Japanese sushi, but also a great enjoyment. These are very popular with young people love fashion and food.

If you are outdoors rather than indoor buffet-style wedding reception, thermal insulation of the specialty that would pay a lot of attention! In case of strong wind when insulation material cannot guarantee the temperature of food again! Also note that while outdoor flying insects issue so as not to fly from time to time to enjoy your meal! In particular, outdoors, recommends looking for insulation, of the person responsible for food health.

3, control the toasting time

toast on new people has been one of the most headache problem, the traditional wedding that is the crucial thing. Buffet-style wedding reception toast should also pay attention to this link, because the wedding form relatively free and lively, but guests are young people, might be easier to stir in toasted issues and impulses, also have a direct impact on security issues after the wedding. So newcomers should control the toasting time, toast real significance is, after all, quality, not quantity.

4, prepare some games for kids

in order to allow children from cold, also in order for their parents to "get away" opportunities can prepare a dedicated area for them. In a separate room, arrange for a nurse or staff for their movies, or specify only for a couple of kids, prepare some cartoon books, crayons, small toys or something like that.

5, preparing a special reception area or rest area

why are planning a reception lounge-like space? Because during the whole wedding, not all at the same dinner table guests, conversations are consistently good, guests may also appear on pins and needles. Hiring or borrowing of sofas, chairs and other furniture, match your wedding colors, and create space for a wedding banquet in personality than the rest, can effectively adjust the guest mood and atmosphere.

6, due to a surprise guest

the surprise could be the scene of a band or DJ, of course this depends on your wedding budget. Be ready to show some personality, such as dancing, singing, and even magic, or some small objects, small gifts, such as the wedding of the creative personality, these can be very good close to the young personalities of the guests. Can very well take care of the guest's mood, also can make your wedding more personal and impressive.