Ears plugged flowers-JINO wedding

JINO youth love more freely, and full of poetry. As the girl after the boys interested, she'll send young a beautiful flower, if boy loves the girl, after the flower, he could propose to the girl.  

      youth of JINO nationality in Yunnan, as well as "packet" mating customs. The betel nut trees in the village, young men and women stood on either side, only with a cloth made of diamond-shaped purse, wore two ribbons, like the butterflies flying in the air, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, fly to each other's arms.

      to participate in "packets" of young women and men, ear tubes are inserted with "du Qiao Hua", "Bush flowers", "Massey flower", the scene is very beautiful.

      Jinuo, one called "high" bamboo House, is the place where young men and women in the party. Each to night, girl are dress have beautifully, together meet came to "Nepal high for", lit spent pear wood, put into bamboo stuffy out black juice, with black juice dark teeth, then on for needle, and weaving; guy are ear in plug with beautiful of flowers also came to "Nepal high for", they side do bamboo live side and girl are on sing, expression mutual love of mood.

      in the "high", young men and women may not have a deviant behavior, otherwise it is disrespect to bamboo masters, will be punished. Lovers can go to the terrace, and a guy can go to "high". Playing into the night, we have to go home and rest. At this time, the girls quietly stepped on a lower levels people's feet, then lit a torch to walk, it's boy sleepover hint. After the boys get suggests that immediately followed the girl, the girl, first with washed their feet outside the House and then into girls room to sleep, until the next day when the cock away. This girls parents generally do not interfere, and parents going to peek, not satisfied with the boy immediately away, satisfaction will make the guy the next day to go back water, Cook with girl, Guy back home will ask someone to propose.

JINO's wedding to a bowl break, then wrap over to Uncle saved, divorce will be broken by the bowl away. On the wedding day, the groom's House to kill a pig, half of it to the bride's House. Afternoon, groom and parents to the bride's family jieqin, the man gave the woman his mother 1.5 "wet nurse" her uncle 2.5 Yuan for "access". When you leave the village, the original picture will be splashed with water or rice water her, expresses loyalty to love on her revenge.

to the groom's House of stairs, mother of the groom gives the bride an egg, tie a red line in her hand, around the wrist three times. The father of the groom gives the bride a chicken leg, tie a red thread in her hand to show the bride's heart tie.

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