12 mistakes on the wash your face wash

makeup and makeup time

a how long, makeup, makeup remover to take?

fault! Makeup remover and no absolute time, once you have the principle of clean, the length of time is not critical. Of course, if you wear makeup, remover and clean requires more carefully, this is because most of the ingredients in the makeup of the beautification effect over skin if left on the face, the long run is harmful, such as pigments, fragrances, also make makeup last longer of emulsifiers, excipients, preservatives and so on. Although most brands of cosmetic products are subject to raw material selection, testing and inspecting, it's safe, but as long as the makeup, you should be completely removed before going to bed. Good cleansing product, first pay attention to mild, can thoroughly remove makeup, without disrupting the skin's protective film. Such as sweat, oil-base, using face cream is difficult to clean, washed many times before would only make skin. And oil can easily remove these grease makeup, called yiwujiangyiwu, if you know the type of makeup you use, with the appropriate makeup remover, cleaning is not a problem.

before second, apply mask, first exfoliate?

not necessarily! Mask is effective care products improve the moisturizer, in-depth skin makes it easier for concentrations of nutrients, can quickly and anti-inflammatory for skin moisturizing and whitening. Apply mask before, you do not need extra exfoliation. Moreover, exfoliating is used with caution as well. Because the skin has a metabolic cycle, cells gradually passed out of the old, new cells gradually moves up to replace, if it is healthy skin, it was a balanced process, without human intervention. Artificial skin removal, skin, we will get the wrong instructions, speed up the repair process, lasting stimulus will cause the destruction of the skin barrier and sensitive issues.

three, playing sports, and method of cleansing the skin?

! Live, skins, too. Sweating the games help you flush out toxins, accelerate metabolism, make skin refreshed feeling after exercise. Outdoor sports, need protection, skin contact with the environment, excessive UV can cause stains and aging.

no water to wash more moderate

waterless wash more moderate

four, waterless wash (cleaning-free cleansers) warmer and cleansing effects as well?

fault! In fact these products are for special circumstances and the use of special populations, such as traumas when no water to clean. Normal cleansing without necessity, after all there is a residue, water is the best cleaner.

v, an endless stream of acne, associated with Pillow?

is possible! Evoked one reason for acne is bacterial infection, but these bacteria are anaerobic bacteria, usually in the hair follicles block Anoxia is only up, inflammation of the skin, from the "red acne." Pillow covers if dirty, there may be other parasitic bacteria, causing cross infection and skin micro-environment imbalances. When the pH is not appropriate, destruction of sebum film, it may lead to increased acne.

massage when six, remover, wash cleaner?

fault! Appropriate massage to promote blood circulation. Wash your face every day, does not need a massage. Because the skin has its own metabolic cycles and rules, gentle cleaning can be dirt, sweat and other metabolic waste removal, massage and not washed clean, and excessive pulling or lead to wrinkles.

with a clean cotton wipe double

cotton wipe double clean

seven, washes, wet cotton wipe, double clean?

! Makeup has some organic and inorganic constituents in water, the skin of residual water and do not wash it off cosmetics and dirt removal and cleaning process has a purifying effect.

eight-no foam, foam cleanser than wash cleaner?

not? General foam Lotion contains a strong effect of surfactant, water foam, but not necessarily better than no foam wash clean. With the development of science and technology, some new foam lotion also has very good cleaning effect and does not damage the skin barrier.

color scrubs address face and neck

nine color, face, and neck, and scrubs can solve?

not necessarily! This may be for a long time, you just pay attention to facial, no neck are given the same treatment, so you need every day in the face of skin care products to the neck a piece, slowly you will see results. Especially the Sun, few are willing to apply sunscreen to neck, greasy, stained clothes, trouble, and so on. But over time, color slowly came out. Of course there may be innate, human skin color is not the same, some people especially often seen upon very white skin, his face is dark, or face white and tender, and instead of being dark and rough. Does need extra care. Neck skin is very delicate, and thinner than the skin on your face a lot, and relatively loose, try not to scrub and pull.

Scrubs solve the color of face and neck

ten, use sunscreen, be sure to Remover?

not necessarily! That depends on the recipe. If it is a waterproof formula, oily texture, not cleansing oil cannot wash off. Some chemical sunscreen, face wash can wash it off, do not require special makeup. But, in General, apply sunscreen is the need to thoroughly wash, some chemical components likely to cause irritation.

Cheung morning wash your face with water only ilovejun would be nice?

fault! If only a simple maintenance, water can wash in the morning, as long as no greasy feeling clean. If you have oily skin, or skin care quality cannot be washed off with water, preferably or with a mild cleanser, or prone to clogged pores question.

12, using the computer or watching TV, be sure to wash your face?

fault! There is no scientific evidence that electromagnetic radiation must be stimulating to the skin. But where there is magnetic field adsorption of small dust particles, so if possible, clean face, but not a must.